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Sales Tax Refunds

Refund Reviews

Our professionals have significant experience identifying overpayments and securing sales and use tax refunds.  In this respect, Antonious and Associates is equipped to do the following with respect to sales and use tax refunds:

  • Perform sales and use tax refund review work at its standard hourly rates.  If the refund claim is significant and the basis for the claim is solid, an hourly fee will likely save you significant money.  For example, a $1 million sales tax refund might result in a $400,000 contingent fee but may only require $100,000 in professional time to prepare, submit and secure. 

  • Perform refund review work concurrent with audit assistance work or another paid project that already includes reviewing purchase invoices in the scope of services.

  • Review the technical merits of potential refund claim positions.

  • Review and opine on any downside risk (e.g., sales tax exposure) of filing a refund claim.  

  • Review refund claims and any related support documentation and offer suggestions for improvement.

  • Regularly inform you of potential refund opportunities and planning ideas.

  • Represent you on any audits triggered by refund claim filings

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