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Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services

Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services


Do you need help with sales tax and compensating use tax? You are not alone. Currently, 45 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and nearly 10,000 local jurisdictions impose a sales tax and a compensating use tax.  The specific mix of products and services subject to tax varies widely by jurisdiction as do the definitions of such.  In addition, the products and services to which sales and use taxes potentially apply are constantly evolving creating a never-ending stream of new taxability questions.

Keeping up and complying with the sales and use tax laws can be daunting.   Overcompliance is wasteful and can also cause problems with customers.  Undercompliance can result in significant unexpected audit assessments with penalties and interest sometimes exceeding the original tax amount.  There is also the potential for individuals deemed “responsible persons” to be held personally liability for unpaid sales and use taxes of their company.  In some cases, criminal prosecution is also possible.

Value-Added Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services

To enable you to resolve your sales and use tax problems and better focus on your core business, our sales and use tax consulting services include the following:

Antonious and Associates prides itself on consistently delivering financial benefit far in excess of its fees. Many of Antonious and Associates’ sales and use tax consulting services produce benefits that can easily be measured (e.g., audit defense work). Other services produce inherent financial benefits that cannot be precisely measured (e.g., a taxability matrix). In any event, Antonious and Associates is committed to providing practical, sales and use tax solutions that result in a net financial benefit to each client. If we do not believe such is possible in your particular situation, we will communicate that to you up-front enabling you to make a financially informed decision as to whether or not to engage us to do the work. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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